South African Band “5 LEVELS UP”

CME TV has started our South African artist features ahead of our in-studio interviews set to start in April!
The band started 6 months ago and has been playing at gigs across Cape Town.
The band has 5 members.
Rudi Abrahams tells us where the band name comes from : We were doing rehearsals and gigs and still did not have a name. We just could not make a decision. Then one day we were invited to play at a festival in Saldana Bay on the west coast & the organizers insisted we give them a name. So because we were 5 guys at the time we gave the name “5 Levels Up”
The band plays anything from ballads to jazz to dance, reggea and light rock.
They enjoy taking songs from other artists and make them their own. Being on stage and seeing people’s reactions and enjoyment is what the band loves most.
Stay tuned to CME TV CHANNEL for their upcoming interview!
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