Zodwa wabantu in Hot Soup over Homophobic Comment

Mzansi reality TV star Zodwa wabantu has landed herself in hot water after she allegedly made some homophobic comments about gay people.

Zodwa who made headlines barely a day ago with her mesh outfit that only covered the essential body parts at the Vodacom Durban July has been bashed for making nasty comments about gay people in her reality TV show Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored.

She reportedly said: “Gay people are naughty. Name one gay who has never fought with a woman in the industry. Their problem is that they are convinced that they have a vagina, while they have a penis. We have vaginas.”

She went on to say “We accommodate you guys because you wear make-up and when we talk about men you always there back us up”, apparently some viewers were not happy.

Whilst others were expressing their thoughts on various social media sites one viewer lodged a complaint against her to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa.

The complaint accused the producers of the show of failing to pick up that these comments are homophobic and therefore pose a threat to the members of the LGBT+ community.

Zodwa’s sympathizers are however defending her claiming that she also has a right to freedom of expression and can say her mind without being censored and besides she only stated the obvious. Below are some of the trending tweets.


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