Don Jazzy urges Africans to support local artists

Nigerian superstar Don Jazzy has urged Africans to support their own and refrain from supporting international stars only.

He said that the reason why African popular stars find it hard to get more live streams as compared to their international counterparts is because they do not get support from fellow Africans.

“I don’t see a reason why our A list artists can’t get a million streams in 1 hour. Do it cos you wanna see your country on the Billboard charts. We have the numbers. If we don’t support our own who wan support us?” he said.

The Dorobucci hit maker also pointed out that Africans would rather support musicians who are popular already instead of their own. He added that, if only we as Africans would redirect the attention that we give to the popular international stars and give it to our local stars; they would be bigger as Africa already has the numbers.

“See the way we all bombarded Nicki minaj’s page to support her video. That’s the way it should be. Davido drops a new song we should all come thru like that. Wiz drops we do the same. Before you know it the entire world will be forced to listen.

There are Africans who would rather follow Kanye, Kim k, Beyonce wey Dey post once in 3 months and no go follow 1 person instead following our own Burna, David, Wiz, etc. I’m not comparing us to them o. They’re huge no doubt. But who dem epp?

“We Africans need to help our own that’s all I’m saying.” He concluded.

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