Illegal foreigners in South Africa face deportation

It never rains but pours for the illegal migrants in South Africa as they are facing deportation following an operation that was launched by the county’s government to clamp down foreign nationals.


South Africa has the highest number of illegal migrants in Africa, the government and responsible authorities have vowed to ensure that those that are in the country illegally are deported.


eNCA reported that, last week, 8 foreigners were arrested in the Cape Town tourism hub, the Waterfront and many others were also arrested in different high density suburbs around.


“We have a responsibility to ensure that we enforce our laws, and ensure that the people who are in the country are the right set of people, we are not only responsible just to check in terms of the borderline but we have the responsibility of also doing inspectorate within the country”, said the South African Deputy Home Affairs minister.


Millions of Zimbabweans, Nigerians, Malawians, Somalians, and other foreign nationals are now living in fear as they are scared of being deported back to their home countries.  


This operation was as a result of the attack on the South African Police officers by a group of foreign nationals in the Johannesburg CBD sometime this month. This resulted in the outrage from both the Police and the South African citizens who are now under the impression that the illegal foreigners are now undermining the country’s authorities.


The country wide raids are expected to continue throughout all provinces.

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