Zimbabwean Socialite uses Social Media to change lives

Photo via Jackie Ngarande’s Instagram

While many people are using social media to connect with friends and to stalk other friends (LOL) a Zimbabwean socialite and businesswoman Jacqueline Ngarande is making good use of hers.

With thousands of followers on her Facebook page, Jackie has created a platform where a lot of Zimbabweans can appeal for assistance.

Not only is she providing a platform for people to get financial assistance, but people are also getting emotional as well as spiritual support from the platform.

Among those assisted is 24 year old Tamson Phiri who has a facial tumor due to squamous cell carcinoma (a skin cancer) who appealed for financial assistance to go to surgery to have the tumor removed.

Phiri later received a $16 000 (Zimbabwean dollars) donation from a well-wisher and he is set to go for surgery.

Many others have also received help in cash and in-kind through Jackie Ngarande’s social media platforms.

A beautiful woman with a heart of gold, a rare find!

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