KFC Proposal Attracts Sponsors

An ordinary South African couple has turned into an overnight celebrity couple after the man proposed to his girlfriend at a KFC food outlet in Johannesburg.

To those of you who do not know, KFC is a popular fast food company that sells fries and chicken among other fast foods.

After the public proposal, videos and pictures surfaced on social media and a lot of Mzansi Tweeps did not have kind words for the couple.

“South African men are cheap and broke.” Tweeted one.

While social media trolls found a chance to mock him, companies and individuals saw an opportunity to both markets themselves and to celebrate love.

KFC, Huawei, Puma, Audi, FNB Bank, Flight center ZA are some of the companies that came through for the couple.

It looks like Mzansi is going to have a National wedding, halala.

Below is a list of some of the donations that have been donated so far!



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