From Michael Jackson to R Kelly- Celebs who have been accused of RAPE!

While we are still observing the 16 days of Activism for no violence against women children, let’s take a look at some of the famous entertainers who have been accused of sexual harassment.

Ordinary people and fans idolize them, in their minds celebrities live the ‘perfect’ life but once the allegations start and fans get an insight of their favs’ personal lives, a lot of things change.

Here are some famous people who have been accused of abusing women and children.

Michael Jackson

There was no artist like him before or after; he is still regarded as the greatest performer of all time. Michael Jackson was accused of sexually exploiting young boys who used to visit his massive Neverland Ranch to play with him. Although he was found not guilty of the charges the King of Pop is among celebrities who have been accused of sexual harassment.


Bill Cosby

Since 2014, around 60 women publicly accused the actor and TV presenter of sexual abuse. According to their statements, Cosby allegedly drugged all his victims in order to facilitate aggression. Bill Cosby faced two trials on charges of sexual abuse. Although he is currently serving in jail, Cosby claims that he is innocent and everything is a setup.

R Kelly

He is credited for redefining R&B and Hip Hop hence the fitting title King of R&B. R Kelly is a singer, songwriter and, music producer who has been a role model for many. However his accusations started way back in the days of the late singer Aaliyah. Kelly was accused of underage marriage when he allegedly married the then-teenager. The singer who is currently in police custody and waiting for trial is being charged with 14 counts of child pornography. Young girls have testified against the Storm over hit maker.


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