South Africa’s trio Mi Casa invites fans to celebrate with them today

It appears that South Africa’s favourite trio, Mi Casa, has something special planned for their fans today.

The group posted a video on Twitter inviting all their followers, to Party in Mi Casa, today 22 May at 18:00, as they will be performing live on Facebook this evening.

In the video clip, J’Something states that the group is celebrating ‘something’, he is heard saying, “We are celebrating something, I can’t tell you what we celebrating.”

Wonder what it could be that is such a secret? “I want you to get prepared.” He added.

He also spoke about performing some new music from ‘the album’. “We are going to be performing a whole bunch of new music from the album ” said J’Something.

The singer also revealed some exciting news, he said, “We will also be giving away 10 limited edition signed vinyls from us. So if you come to the party, you might get a little present.”

This is the perfect way to start your lockdown Friday night.

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