‘Famous men rape” Ntsiki Mazwai defends Lady Zamar

Seems like singer, Lady Zamar’s rape case being thrown out, has opened up old wounds for social activist, Ntsiki Mazwai, who recalled being raped.

In a series of tweets the musician defended South African singer Lady Zamar.

She started off by apologising to Zamar, “They say you must fall because like millions of women you couldn’t bring your broken soul as evidence…..
I’m sorry you’re going through this Zamar. Am so heartbroken”

In another tweet she wrote, “Famous men rape BECAUSE you won’t believe the victim and they know it.”

She added, “When you turn a blind eye to a rape allegation you are giving permission to the rapist to continue…”

Speaking about her tragic ordeal, Ntsiki said, “Reminds me of me when I didn’t tell anyone and my rapist got arrested for another rape…”

In another tweet the poet bashed the South African justice system she said, “The south African justice system works in favour of rapists…”

Backlashing women who fight amongst themselves, Ntsiki added, “Women will continue to be raped because we are not organised. We are always fighting amongst ourselves on who will be the leader of women. Then we sabotage each other…. And we ALL lose as we continue to be raped.”

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