Kwesta’s wife furious after discovering her new born has fake Instagram accounts

Their baby is barely a week old and she already have fraudsters pretending to be her.

Hip-hop star Kwesta and his wife, Yolanda, recently welcomed their new born and fraudsters have already opened fake accounts on behalf of baby, Kenya Elihle Vilakazi.

Annoyed that her daughter has fake Instagram accounts, Yolanda, blasted scammers in an Instagram post, “My child is barely even a week old. Who told y’all I needed help creating a page for her?! If I was going to (which I absolutely WAS NOT & WILL NOT) I’m quite capable of doing myself, ON MY TERMS, AS HER MOM! Habe! Ukuphapha!Ukugula! Super pissed!” she wrote.

Like they say you got to see it to believe it, check out the post below from Instagram search results.

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