Moana’s family allegedly wants Ginimbi’s family to cover her funeral expenses

Family of the late crash victim, fitness bunny Moana, who perished with businessman and socialite, Ginimbi, in a deadly car crash, wants his family to settle her funeral bills.

According to Zimbabwean news reports, Moana’s family allegedly gave Ginimbi’s family, an expense list of funeral bills worth $5000 for them to settle.

Ginimbi’s family and friends allegedly gave Moana’s family, food and groceries, as well as $3000 in cash.

However, their donations were not enough as they demand more, to cover their daughter’s other funeral expenses.

A family representative of Ginimbi allegedly explained that they can’t cover all the expected expenses, as the socialite had all the money and said, “We are here to represent the Kadungure family and we have a list of what they expect us to settle for the burial of Moana. The list includes payment for the metal coffin they want and other things.

“We do not have enough of what they are expecting from us since the person who had the money (Ginimbi) perished in the same accident that claimed Moana.”

“We met as a family and collected something we are sure they will accept since it does not add to what they expected us to pay.”

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